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It's like those TV shows with a long-running murder mystery and the performer doesn't even know he/she is the killer until the final episode script, so suddenly they have to act differently (The Mentalist, The Killing).
In the case of The Killing, the show runner did know that that particular character was the killer, and encouraged them to act a certain way in a pivotal scene (I'm keeping it as vague as I can to not spoil anyone who may be interested in watching it).

As for the Blacklist, while I'm glad we're finally finding out that Tom is not on the up and up, it feels like all the time the show did to prove he wasn't, seems a little like wasted time.

I mean I'm all for misdirection, but Red was so sure that Tom was bad, and well we've not see Red be wrong yet, so why would he be wrong this time?
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