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Re: Robert Beltran on AMA

A great example of Robert's flippancy.

Q: Who's the worst person you have ever met? why is that person so bad?

RB: I met a Wall Street investor and when I left the meeting I had no shoes and my underwear was gone...

Q: Well at least you have your health.

RB: Until he meets an insurance company CEO.

Q: Male or Female Wall Street investor? :P

RB: I couldn't tell because the fangs and claws were very distracting.

I get to see him this June!!!


I finally got to the part about the J/C kiss... I love this addition

Q: Oh come on .... please let us see it .... I'm sure all the Janeway/Chakotay fans could pool some money together to give to Resilient 3D if you would let us see it!!! LOL

RB: Let me get Kate's okay, in anticipation of her positive response go ahead and make your pledge to Kickstarter for RESILIENT 3D, time is running out.


RB: My favorite episode was the one with Virginia Madsen. Not only was it an intimate story, but Virginia was great to work with and I am happy we will be working together again on RESILIENT 3D! With a successful Kickstarter campaign (hint, hint) we will begin shooting April 1st.

Recall, that VM won an Oscar (Best Supporting Actress) in 2005 for "Sideways".
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