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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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You know, since some posts ago, I realized I can predict pretty accurately your response. Not your phrasing, of course, but your main 'ideas'.
Apparently, once one knows your delusions/quirks, one can input a stimulus and get an expected response in turn, from you. Like playing an accordion. You would make an excellent subject for a psychiatric study in self-delusion and protection mechanisms.

This is why I've said in my last post 'Let's try an experiment'. I wanted to see whether your reactions will change/stop being utterly predictable if I make you aware that what followed is merely cheese for the rat in the maze and not the substance of my post.
Your reaction - utterly predictable. Like a human yo-yo.

Curious. But creepy.
I like cheese, by the way, rat.

Do you believe you've said anything different in the last few posts? Different from your first 1 to 3 posts? You've done nothing but 1) restate your own, morally bankrupt position, and 2) misstate my well-thought out and entirely spot-on position. Pssst, boychik, the reason my responses have been largely the same has been because your posts have been largely the same. Especially the repetitive lying part.

I saw your post and responded to it. Congratulations: you caused someone to respond to your "writing." Wow, now that's unusual stuff for a posting board. You may now audition for the part of the Professor in a live-action version of Felix the Cat.

Do you actually imagine that your little pose here as some sort of master manipulator--someone responded to your nth repetition of the same garbage with the same stuff, oh my! What an achievement! Call NIH, grants are coming!--is something new? I've seen self-congratulatory shits like you write the same, tired, desperately sad and pseudo-intellectual dross all over the Internet, little pep talks for their unimportant and scared -of-real-life selves. It's the stuff teenage boys with acne who probably have never been laid and have been repeatedly beaten by stronger kids write, because they're powerless little shits and want to feel powerful for at least a moment. Good grief, what are you, 15? I know I stopped quoting Foundation well before I was 20; nobody was impressed then, and you're not impressing anyone now.

Maybe you should have some fun outside for a while? Your magnifying glass is waiting and some nearby ants have a date with destiny.
All universes will be assimilated. Resistance is futile---JJ "The Borg" Abrams
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