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Re: Uniforms from Enterprise to TOS

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The Kelvin was only seen in the JJverse and there could be changes in the past due how the temporal war players may have changed(as an example).
The 'Temporal Cold War' occurred as part of the 'Prime' Universe. (Hell, if you want to go that route - IE that the timeline changed, you could also make a case that EVERYTHING after the TNG film 'Star Trek: First Contact' was in a different 'altered' timeline from the 'original Prime' Star Trek universe as well.)

But, assuming the Prime Universe consisted of what was shown on TV and film from 1966 - 2002 (ST:Nemisis):

The U.S.S. Kelvin was there AT THE POINT Nero emerged (and the 'Prime' timeline changed from the point of Nero's incursion forward); BUT, up to the point of the 'lightning storm' what was shown WAS indeed in the 'Prime' Star Trek Universe; therefore, those indeed are the ship designs and Star Fleet uniforms on the 2230's.
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