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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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Let's see - ad personams, insults. the usual demolished non-sense. Same old, same old.
Yep same old same old mischaracterizations from you. And would you care to go back and see where the insults began? That's you, boychik, and they're continuing here with your non-response.

Let's try an experiment:
Dude, you do realize all your straw-men/rhetoric/etc are in support of Janeway's act of murdering Tuvix.
Nope. In the first place, you were the only one to erect straw men, and how--lying your head off about what I've written.

And in the second place, I realize nothing of the kind about my effective arguments, which, by the way, utterly annihilated your unreason. I repeatedly stated, from the first, that killing Tuvix was ALSO murder. LEARN TO READ, AND LEARN TO QUOTE.

The fact that I eventually posted more to support the fact that inaction to save Tuvok and Neelix is ALSO murder is because YOU took the opposite position. As far as you were concerned, in all your posts, Tuvok and Neelix were NOT persons, and Tuvix was. But at NO time did I write that killing Tuvix is the "better" choice.

At times, you even got carried away by your rhetoric and said directly what option your twisted morals support (the option of not killing Tuvix is barbaric, and this attribute is not applicable to you, etc).
Once again, you can only be DELIBERATELY misinterpreting my words, as I made it clear in nearly every post in this thread that both actions would be murder.

Look, bud, you were the one who started this epithet throwing with the Mengele business, so you can get off that high horse now.

But, because you came from time to time with a dictum that you support neither option, you actually think any reader is fooled as to your - let's euphemistically call them questionable morals? lol.
I'll leave it to readers to decide for themselves. Donno, do YOU think your outright lying has fooled them? Because anyone can go back and read what I've written, and it is clear as clear that I did NOT advocate killing Tuvix--from the beginning. That's YOUR straw man.

What I did was "demolish" your arguments, as you would put it. I'M not the one trying to fool anyone here. That's you, with your outright lying about what I've written. I suppose that shouldn't surprise me--you must be aware that only lying will save your empty and shallow "arguments." And MY morals are fine. I'M not the one who thinks leaving two mortally injured people to die is not the same as murder. I'M not the one who has made argument after argument in favor of harvesting organs from UNWILLING donors.

That's you, and it's all yours.
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