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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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you think you've demolished something? All you've done is demonstrate zero reasoning capacity
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent". Yet again, you have proven Asimov's quote to be true.

As for what I - and others - have proven:
That is obvious to every non-morally challenged person; not having quite a few delusions helps, too.
Simply put, ethics (medical ethics) shows that Tuvix has the right to live, to his own body and any doctor is morally obligated to respect these rights. Indeed, not killing a person (child/whatever) in order to save comatose people in need a transplants is a murder only in your world divorced from reality.

As for yourself - I know, you cannot properly process such information, but using transparent straw-men, rhetoric, calling facts you don't like ridiculous/etc - or pretending what you've written a few posts ago doesn't exist any longer (lol) - proves nothing.
Nothing about the subject at hand, that is; it proves quite a lot about you.

You keep mentioning the Doctor as the person to murder Tuvix - despite me previously pointing this out to you. Apparently, even mentioning Janeway in this context by you is to be avoided.
You do at least realize that's quite pathetic, yes?

I realize you're pathetic. I realize you're a liar. I also see you have a weak arguer's penchant for non-sequiturs, as the highfalutin' quote of yours from Foundation has nothing to do with this argument. I certainly took no refuge in violence of any sort. You like the sound of the quote, and want to show off. And you call me pathetic? Really, really sad.

And anyone reading this thread can see that you're a lair. You have repeatedly lied about the contents of my posts. In every single one I have made it clear that I consider BOTH directions to be murder. YOU'RE the one who would have no problem harvesting organs from two unwilling donors to save one person.

You've proven nothing, except that you've made it crystal clear you would leave two mortally wounded people to die. As you've continued to lie about my assertions, I have tried to accord your non-arguments some measure of adult respect and have dealt with them--easily.

Simply put, ethics--medical ethics--do NOT make it clear that Tuvix has a right to live at the expense of two other lives. Too bad, so sad, you lose. It is anything but clear. You keep conveniently ignoring that every single atom that went to make up Tuvix comes from Tuvok and Neelix. THAT makes a difference. That's not "whatever." it's "whatever" to you because you're out of your depth and don't really know how to respond.

I am not the one erecting straw men, that's your gig. YOU'RE the one who is attributing statements and conclusions to me that I've never made, attributions that anyone who wants to go back and read this thread can see are outrageous lies. To quote Asimov more appropriately from Foundation, in this matter, you've become "a blood-blind bull."

I didn't discuss Janeway not as any kind of deliberate omission, but just because it was easier to write about one person acting or not acting. You're not telling me anything new when you write that Janeway made the decision. The fact that you hold up this petty particular as some sort of argument trophy is additionally pathetic, as who makes the decision (one way or the other) hardly matters to the ethics of the decision.

Gosh, what's next? Did I misspell something?
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