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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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Sorry, not false at all. In the scenario I gave you, the people locked to the gurneys are already locked to the gurneys and hooked up for draining, just as Tuvix's creation had already happened. And they absolutely WILL die if you do nothing.

Since Tuvok and Neelix COULD be brought back, then they are not wholly dead, really--just like the people on the gurneys.
They are wholly dead though. That they can be brought back is a product of voyager technobabble. It's basically the same as magic here. They are not suffering in some twilight world, unless I have forgotten something from the episode - it has been a while since I saw it.
I guess this is a Miracle Max situation. They were mostly dead, whatever that means. The fact that they CAN be brought back means they are not completely dead, by definition. Dead is dead--no return.
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