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The model isn't structurally sound enough anymore to be suspended or hung. As the Smithsonian rotates exhibits semi-frequently, and it themes its placements (you aren't going to see stuff about the Mars Rover alongside '50s airplanes or whatever), there wasn't really a way to give the Enterprise a permanent home. However, as part of the renovations of the museum a while back, a new three-story gift shop was installed, and so the Enterprise was placed in the lower level -- you can get close to it and examine it in detail, but it's on a stand so the model doesn't suffer any further structural degradation.

It's not the most optimal solution, but it makes sense.
Yes, it does. I had never heard an explanation before, so thank you. I will now stop complaining.

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My cat Wicket is 13 years old TODAY!

I am going to have a CAT MITZVAH for him because today he is a (old) man. There will be chicken.

Here he is a moment ago reclining regally on some rubbish.

(I think a Cat Mitzvah is the best idea ever, it should totally be a thing!)
Mazel tov, Wicket! You're a very handsome cat mitzvah boy.

My older cat is ten this month. I am sooo doing this in three years!
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