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Re: How I Met Your Mother: The Final Season

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The other thing to consider - the show totally prepped Ted to go full Bob Saget, at least in terms of appearance. The hair, the sweater... as someone on one of the review blogs said, "I can totally see Danny Tanner there!"
doubleohfive wrote: View Post
Someone on another site made a great comment:

"Didn't Danny Tanner's wife die when her kids were young too? OMFG Ted is Danny. How I Met Your Mother is the prequel to Full House!"
It would explain why it's Bob Saget doing the narration, but I can't believe they picked him all those years ago just to narrate a show where eventually they'd reveal the mother had died.

Mr Light wrote: View Post
Mother's first true love died unexpectedly and she mourned him for years and years.
Which would put her in the perfect place to prepare Ted (and the kids) for her death.

Photoman15 wrote: View Post
Maybe if the Mother is dead, he's telling the kids these stories right before he's remarrying his "best friend" Barney's widow, Robin
It's a possibility. Have we seen Robin in the future (beyond last week's glimpse a year or so ahead)? Could possibly explain the kid's looks, if their mother has been dead a few years and they're hearing stories they've heard before (and, having grieved on their own, they could be bored instead of upset).

I think the thing that's really got us is the whole, bit about the mother not attending her daughter's wedding. None of the characters are in a position where they could have a daughter old enough to be getting married in 10 years. The line only works if they know of some other mother who wasn't going to attend their daughter's wedding and since the kids aren't old enough, the only possibility is that it's a reference to one of the characters we know dying.

It's a possibility that it's Robin who died, unless I'm missing a flash-forward somewhere showing her to be alive in the future past 2024. The mother could have taken Ted to the site where they met to remind him that his knowing Robin lead to them meeting, as a way of coping with the news of Robin's death (or life-threatening illness). That would explain the story he's telling the kids in 2030 (maybe right after she died or remembering her on the anniversary of her death). That would explain why the series began with how he met Robin, since it was at her wedding that Ted met their mother.
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