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I just want to see where they're going with all of this.
There are more then a few celebrities who have been involved with endorsing this on video now, that I can't just see it being done with. There has to be something more coming, and I hope its good
It's a prank that sprung from a Funny or Die video because we're nearly up to Back to the Future II's future segment which was set in 2015. There's no actual product coming.

You could make a hoverboard that runs on a superconducting track, but not one that flies wherever it wants, nor one that could support the weight of a human rider yet. You could make a hoverboard that has internal helicopter-like rotors, but again, not one capable of supporting a human rider. For that, you'd have to increase the size to about twice that of a large motorcycle or half the size of a small car (a company has built one in a quest to make a Star Wars-like speeder bike, though it looks and behaves nothing like it).
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