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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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And what metrics would those be?
A Cinemascore (which is an exit poll of opening weekend audiences) of A-.

An IMDB user score of 7.4 from over 350,000 users.

A Rotten Tomatoes user score of 76% from over 400,000 users.

None of those are fully satisfactory measures, but they're the best we have and better than mere anecdotes. The user ratings are self-selecting, but at least they have a very large number of participants and are therefore a better measure than the far smaller self-selected hodgepodge of fandom message board posts.
Yea, approx 75% for IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes General Audiences, isn't the most glowing of reviews, but, it's still 3 out of 4, and add the CinemaScore A- Exit Polling, plus, the $600M+ Box office take, and it looks pretty successful/appreciated to me
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