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Re: List of the best ST: TNG episodes

I was just watching DRUMHEAD and it occurred to me that Jean Simmons was one of the biggest HOLLYWOOD legends that TNG ever got on the show. Isn't that right?

They certainly used her to effect, but I hated her outfits. Particularly that one thing that jutted up and out from her shoulders. Maybe they put her in those creations so that the audience would think she was nuts just by her fashion sense. And it's such a shame that her character's Daddy Issues are only there to give Picard a devistating blow against her. It serves no other purpose and someone this out to hurt the innocent wouldn't have left herself so open to attack. Certainly not by the likes of The Good Captain, when she boasts how, "I've taken down bigger men than YOU, Picard!" Yes. Yes, of course you have.

I'm trying to think who else might've been that legendary, from Hollywood's heyday ... from what I've gathered, actually, Admiral Jameson's wife from "Too Short a Season" was actually a mover and shaker in her time. She'd done alot to fight so-called "blacklisting" of celebs, if I recall. And her performance in that episode is wholly unremarkable. But she was a cutey in her day ... I'm sure she was a force to reckon with. Not unlike Admiral Satie!
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