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Re: why didnt Kirk put khan back in the freezer at the end of Space Se

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Space Seed ends on an optimistic note where they have a chance to grow and establish their own civilization. There's no reason to think it would result in The Wrath of Khan. Given the facts as Kirk knew them, the whole situation made sense.
That's because his Science Officer wasn't half doing his job. If Space Seed ended like:

"We are near the Ceti Alpha system. The planet number 5 has conditions to sustain life."
"Alright, we'll leave Khan there."
"However, my analysis of the scans show the planet number 6 is instable and likely to explode a few months from now. It will lay waste to the planet 5."
"Oh, too bad. Well we'll find some other place then. Warp 4 mr Sulu."

So much pain would be avoided. The green blooded goblin deserved the radiation poisoning he got.
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