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Re: Dune: The TV series

^Just for the LOLs, why not try what I suggested before and plot out and break down the first book into three 10-15 episode seasons just to see if there really is enough material to go around.

Not full screenplays obviously, just short synopses with the A & B stories and the broad strokes of the character arcs.

For example: the first episode should be almost entirely on Caladan, cover the "box scene" and the Reverend Mother's exchange with Paul regarding his father and the move to Arrakis. Her talk with Jessica about her disobedience and the training room scene to introduce Thuffir, Duncan, Gurney & Huey. I'd advise holding off on the Duke appearing in person until the very end. With him being talked about almost the entire episode he should be given a good entrance. Think Martin Sheen in the pilot episode of 'The West Wing'. The whole episode revolved around him and yet he only shows up in person for the last two scenes.

Inter-cut with all that should be some scenes on Giedi Prime that introduce the Baron, Feyd, Raban & Piter and cover their side of the plot. The episode should end with them embarking for Arrakis.

I'd also recommend using the Irulan narration device as it worked very well in both the minis and the movie. Maybe each episode could be prefaced by a quote just like the novel's chapters. Either just a simple text card and/or spoken aloud by Irulan. Another neat thing to do is to hold off on introducing Irulan in person until several episodes in, so a fresh audience can get a neat little "aha!" moment when they realise who it is that has been talking of these events in the past tense up till then.

A similar trick could be pulled off with the identity of Muad'Dib, since a lot of those quotes from the book are attributed to him without context. It'd be a neat trick to wait until season two when he chooses his new name for that piece of the puzzle to fall into place.

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I too considered Hailee Steinfeld for Chani and while a good actress, she doesn't look right for the part.

I didn't even consider an actress for Alia, think a combination of a very young actress and some CGI could accomplish the role.

I've written several Dune screenplays over the years. Every few years I take a stab at it, seeing what new insights I can gleam from the book. In fact I'm starting a new version in a few weeks, this one is based on an old idea I had about producing my own Dune series, I'm going to explore that again.
Chani needs to balance youthful vitality with the hard edge that comes with being raised Freman, as well as exhibit a certain innocence backed by a sharp and dangerous intelligence. As for her looks I thing she's "elfin" enough ( I think that's how FH described her.) Doesn't matter too much if her ethnicity doesn't match other Fremen since she's actually only 3/4 Fremen.

As for Alia...I don't think CG is a good idea. Too much of a crutch and it'll be neigh on impossible to get it to look credible on a TV budget. Any attempt is likely to find itself camping out in the uncanny valley.

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