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Re: Kirk Enterprise - the Enterprise(a)?

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Early plans for ST'09 had the TOS Enterprise be destroyed in the opening, which would have cemented it's construction pre-2233. Perhaps the class is that old?
I agree that there is no canon source for the christening of the Enterprise, so it's entirely possible that it could have been built pre-2230. This would have made for a better opening, rather than using an unknown ship, and would have offered some explanation for why the nu-E doesn't look like the old one. They also missed the opportunity to canonize Robert April beyond TAS (given the absurd number of nods in each film, I find it odd they didn't).
The rumor was that the ship that the Narada destroys at the start of the film was supposed to be the original TOS Enterprise under April's command (and the nuEnt would then have been the Enterprise-A), but Paramount had an edict that they didn't want any ship named Enterprise to be destroyed, so they changed the ship to the Kelvin and changed April to Robau.

However, I personally have never seen any quotes from production personnel or related proof that this rumor is actually true.
Copy/pasting from last time this came up:
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That being said, I'd also have settled for the ship that's destroyed in the opening of ST XI being the original, TOS-era Enterprise (with Robert April in command). That's what was supposed to happen, but Abrams was ordered to remove it because TPTB would not under any circumstances allow him to destroy an Enterprise. So he had to change it to the Kelvin.
That's the first I've heard of this. Do you have a link? says only this:
In early stages of the film's development, the ship was named the USS Iowa. [4] While known by this eventually unused name, the vessel was given a registry number of 1201. [5] In a later interview with screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, Kurtzman explained that the ship's initial name was to have been "our nod" to the fact that the prime universe James T. Kirk had been semi-established as having been born in Iowa. "Then we decided that was too radical," Kurtzman said of the reference. Technically statements in Star Trek IV stated that Kirk was from Iowa and only worked in outer-space (indicating he was not born there).
The part about destroying the Enterprise came from this 2009 Newsarama interview, if I'm not mistaken:
NRAMA: The script took six to eight months to bang out so what other ideas did you bandy around?

Kurtzman: There was no other macro idea. We knew we wanted to do an origin story with Spock Prime coming back. Obviously, details within the story changed wildly. We had a draft with Carol Marcus meeting Kirk as a child and goes on to be the mother of his son. We had Nurse Chapel have a potentially budding romance with Spock that we explored. At one point, we were bandying around the idea of destroying the Enterprise mid-battle.

Orci: That was actually the only time the studio even put the brakes on us. “Please don’t destroy the Enterprise.” We said “Okay, you’re right. Vulcan fine. Enterprise no.” There were a few million things like that along the way.
If the part about Robert April commanding was ever anything more than rumor or fan speculation, I don't know what its source might be.
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