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Re: Batman: Arkham Knight

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Looks like a new Batsuit‎ design.
It is. Infodump from Game Informer:

No multiplayer
3 islands, 5 times the area of Arkham City
Streets wider for the Batmobile, which is an integrated part of the game (like gliding or the grapple)
Buildings generally taller, too
Better hang time, longer glides
Game set one year after Arkham City
Joker's death has shifted the balance of power (he's still dead)
Batman starts with his Arkham City suit but quickly gets into a more armor-plated, higher-ability suit
Gotham has been evacuated and only criminals remain
Kevin Conroy remains as Batman, all the other villains are still voiced by their respective actors
50 dudes on screen at once
Individual raindrops run down Batman's cape and suit
Line launcher can be fired in mid-air to create a line between two buildings and instant perch point
All quickfire gadgets can be used during flight, in fact
Batman now uses weapons that he gets from counters, can beat thugs with a baseball bat until it breaks on their faces
A new throw counter that counters and throws a thug into another thug
Batman can summon the Batmobile and it drives to him remotely
Batmobile shoots EMP missiles that immobilize targets without harming occupants
Batman can eject from the Batmobile at full speed into a glide
"Arkham Knight" is actually the name of Batman's main rival in the game
Riddler challenges now include deadly races
Oracle exists in-game and can be visited
Batman can now chain stealth takedowns together, up to 3 times
No loading screens
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