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Yeah, I think I missed something in this episode. Was the women Red was having investigated the same woman at the conference with Tom? If not, what are the chances the woman at the conference was actually a plant by Red? Maybe she was just leading him into thinking she was part of the same organization as Tom and taped that whole last conversation in the hotel room? Remember, all she actually said at the end was "you're not married to her" (or something similar, I forget the exact words). He did all the talking after that.
It's the same girl that Red checked in the government database.

I'm more confused over Tom's behaviour. If she is just pretending to be in love with Keen, why does he deliberately pressure her about the baby, her job and everything? Moreover, we have seen him been upset about the relationship that in that case is a sham. Strange. Or does he waver in his conviction to the job? Randomly making out with his colleague in a bathroom seems really strange. I really have no idea what is happening anymore.
The problem was the actor wasn't told if his secret was innocent or sinister or if he even had a secret, probably because the creators had no idea what it was going to be until they got around to thinking about it.

It's like those TV shows with a long-running murder mystery and the performer doesn't even know he/she is the killer until the final episode script, so suddenly they have to act differently (The Mentalist, The Killing).
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