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Re: DEADLOCK and ambiguous dialogue

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Thanks for the transcript, Christopher! Here's the dialogue I have been puzzling over:

TUVOK: I am curious, Captain. Before the Vidiians attacked, when you were in disagreement with the other Captain about
JANEWAY: Would I have given the order to self-destruct our ship? I've gone over that moment a thousand times in my mind. The truth is, yes, I would have given the order. But I will admit, there was a part of me that could see her point of view.
TUVOK: One could say that you were both the doubter and the doubted. I do not envy the paradox of logic you were faced with in that situation.

I guess what confuses me is that Janeway says she would have given the same order. "BUT," she "admits," that "there was a part of me that could see her point of view." In other words, she would have given the same order while mainly siding against giving such an order? Is she saying the other Janeway gave the order too readily? I'm still confused...!
I see what you're getting at. When Janeway (the Janeway talking to Tuvok here) said she would have given the same order, she is already admitting she sees the other Janeway's point of view, therefore the "but" and what follows really doesn't make that much sense.

Distilling it down to words that make the lack of sense more obvious:

"I agree with you, but I also see your point of view."

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