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Re: New Star Wars animated show "Rebels" coming fall 2014

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Disney seems determined to undermine anything that took place before ROTS
Do you have evidence?
Well, let's see. They cancelled TCW, a series with at least three more seasons left in it. They want to market Darth Vader. Can't do that before ROTS.
This summer there is still a as of yet unknown "Darth Vader hour long TV special" set to air. It may be one of those little Lego movies but it may also tie in with Rebels and / or the sequel trilogy.

IIRC, the showrunners of Rebels denied that any Clone Wars era characters will appear along with a recent interview.

I was also thinking about how the average Joe or Jane in the SW universe may react to seeing a clone trooper well after the war. It would probably bring up bad memories for some... maybe others would regard them as heroes? Were I a Clone, I would be determined to go around with a helmet on (not a clone trooper one, either).
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