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Re: Did Spock ever kill anything?

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Really throughout TOS did Spock not kill anyone directly?
That's amazing.
I thought he might have killed in Friday's child though.
As I already mentioned, yes, he did shoot at least one Capellan with an arrow in "Friday's Child." Of course, arrow wounds are frequently survivable in real life, but by TV rules, faceless mooks who get hit by arrows fired by the good guys are presumed dead.
Well I agree with you then.

How about any of the other main characters aside from Kirk (and McCoy)? Certainly Uhura didn't.

Now I don't think there was as much killing as I thought I remember. (if that makes any sense)
I know, right? When I really stopped to think about, I realized the big 3 (and really all the others, Scotty, etc) hadn't killed many folks at all. At least not outside a ship-shooting scenario, and not a huge number there:

For Kirk in TOS (just TOS), I came up with this:

Gary Mitchell
Cloud creature (Obsession)
Bunch of Capellans in a rock slide. Did Kirk shoot an arrow as well?
Everyone killed on the Romulan ship in Balance of Terror
before the Commander blew it up.
Everyone killed on the Orion ship in Journey to Babel before they blew themselves up (which always struck me as an odd thing for people who are presumably profit motivated to do, but whatever).
Android Dr. Brown (counting him because the Exo 3 droids were obviously self-aware, even if Brown was a less sophisticated android than Ruk)

I was thinking of Apollo, but really he ended himself.

I was really reluctant to count ships shooting, but I guess they have to count.

In another thread someone corrected me on McCoy--I thought he'd killed only the Salt Vampire/fake Nancy, but I guess you can count a Mugato and one of the Denevan parasites.

Then I started thinking about Spock and, until this thread, mostly came up with bupkiss.
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