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Re: Review - Star Trek # 30 Parallel Lives 2of2

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I'd like to add that we haven't seen any of the cool new crewmembers from STID in the comics - Dawkins, the brig guard, Madeline and the woman with spiky white hair. Only 0718 is (finally) about to make an appearance in the next issue.

Also, why does Starfleet have to be so infested with Humans in the new timeline? We couldy easily have more variety and get some background of new species like the Kelvin's Cygnian (?) or Madeline's people.

Any chances we might get a novel series after the Alternate Reality Trilogy is concluded? There are so many fascinating concepts and characters left to be explored. We never had a fully functional parallel universe with a Federation before, only glimpses into various universes, no single coherent one. (The mirror universe(s) only gains a Federation-lookalike in the final issue.)

Anyway, the new universe is visually appealing.
Well maybe some of the humans we see are actually aliens that look human.
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