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Yeah, I think I missed something in this episode. Was the women Red was having investigated the same woman at the conference with Tom? If not, what are the chances the woman at the conference was actually a plant by Red? Maybe she was just leading him into thinking she was part of the same organization as Tom and taped that whole last conversation in the hotel room? Remember, all she actually said at the end was "you're not married to her" (or something similar, I forget the exact words). He did all the talking after that.
She's been trying to seduce him for the last three episodes, starting with talk about going to see an art exhibit where the photographer takes snapshots of the cum faces of married men she is having affairs with...

We were supposed to believe that she was pretending poorly not to be that photographer and that if he cheated on Lizzy, when he cheated on Lizzy, that he would be a sterling piece in her collection.

A couple weeks inbetween episodes doesn't really help cement the continuity.
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