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Re: Star Wars Sith-centric spinoff

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Good Sith can exist just as easily as evil Jedi
You stated, "there's nothing inherently "evil" about [the Sith] code" and yet, an "evil Jedi" is one that is, fundamentally, acting like what is espoused by the "inherent evil" of Sith Code (rejecting peace, gaining strength and power from victory over conflicts with inferior foes to be able to act with personal - but not social - freedom). That's precisely what Anakin did when he used the Dark Side. Titles are worthless and useless in such circumstances. It doesn't matter what Anakin's title was when he slaughtered Tusken children - what mattered is that he allowed his passions, his selfishness, to dictate his actions (just as is dictated by the Sith Code you offered). Anakin was, still, technically, a Jedi when he slaughtered the Tuskens and stormed the Jedi temple in RotS and killed younglings. But in both instances, he was as inherently evil as the Sith Code itself - using his passion, his strength and power, forged from conflict, to preserve his personal freedom to act in any way he saw fit, at the expense of the freedom and lives of others, particularly children. Furthermore, when Dooku fell from the Jedi order, he used the Dark Side and the Clone Wars to increase his own power ("my powers are beyond yours, now back down"). He thought nothing of killing Jedi on Geonosis or countless being across the galaxy to achieve his own ends.

Or, in other words, acting on the inherently evil precepts of the Sith Code.

The only "good Sith" we've seen is in RotJ when Anakin sacrificed himself to save Luke (and the galaxy). Which, since his turn in RotS, is the moment when he was acting most like a Jedi.
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