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Honestly, the whole "I'll demote you until you're Captain again in ten minutes" gave my whiplash.
I hear you. This was really symptomatic of a general tendency in STiD, in which I think there really was an attempt to raise the level of the writing from ST09 -- but it winds up consisting of half-measures at best* because they're simultaneously trying to preserve ST09's pulper-than-Flash Gordon-drinking-a-smoothie vibe. So there's a gesture here towards "yes, it's kind of weird that he was promoted to Captain so hastily," but it winds up being just a formality.

Uhura has more lines, but being an ancillary character to Spock sends this feminist into fits.
It's funny because Uhura, by dint of her relationship with Spock, is effectively the third leg of the NuTrek "triumvirate." Yet she doesn't really benefit from it very much. The scene with her deciding to be the bitchy girlfriend as they're about to go into action on Kronos was fucking ridiculous -- say what you will about the relative marginality of Nichols' Uhura, she was rarely shown behaving stupidly or immaturely and there was good reason for that.
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