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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

Thank you guys.

Yes, each thing we do is a trial run and a proof of concept for the next thing we do. So this video was our first test, mainly to show we could actually shoot SOMETHING.

During this process our amazing post supervisor, Mark Edward Lewis, taught me how to edit and I edited the footage, while he sound designed it. (Though Rob Burnett will be editing both "Prelude" and "Axanar"). It is amazing how much knowing the editing process affects your vision of a story.

So we will go from an afternoon shoot, with a crew of 5 and 4 people on camera, to a crew of about a dozen in a 2 day shoot with proesthetic make up and 7 actors.

Then sit back, evaluate, refine, and do Axanar. A bit like Six Sigma in a way.

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