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Re: Review - Star Trek # 30 Parallel Lives 2of2

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I think the story had no chance to gain traction. It should have been a longer story where there was something else to explore like another long-dead trapped ship or alien object, to give the characters the chance to work together in a coherent way. It was a shame that the McCoys didn't get the chance to bond.

It's a minor thing given how short the story was but the 'female' universe made use of a male Rand and male Marcus, and added in a male admiral i.e. added in additional males from the lower tier supporting cast, but then put no effort into featuring any of the female versions on the NuEnterprise. Of course by that point they had double the number of characters to fit in but even so, it's ironic that in a story where they could have featured total equality of the sexes, they still had a male admiral and still had three more men than women. Sigh.
Absolute numerical parity is a poor gauge of equality of the sexes. It rather smacks of tokenism. This two part comic book story is hardly a ground-breaking exercise in the promotion of equality of the sexes, but, within its scope, is rather a difficult one to criticize on that score (there are many other flaws more deserving of criticism).
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