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Re: Dune: The TV series

Here is my cast for a Dune tv show.

Paul: Asa Butterfield - Thought that he was really good in Enders Game. He would be the first actor to actually be close to the age of the character.
Leto: Joaquin Phoenix - Trying to think outside the box a little bit. I believe he has the charisma and intensity to play the duke.
Jessica: Jennifer Gardner - Can play serious and can look regal, love her as an actress.
Duncan: Peter Facinelli - Has the suave good looks, can see easily why Paul would be enamored with him.
Thufia: Avery Brooks - This is no stunt casting, you need someone who can be powerful and kind at the same time.
Gurney: Vincent D'Onofrio - He is one of my favorite actors who I think could be great in the role.
Dr. Yueh: Ken Leung - A solid actor, bring a more intensity to the role.

Stilgar: Stephen Lang - I know, I know very safe casting.
Chani: Jodelle Ferland - interesting young actress who looks right for the part.
Dr. Kynes: Ben Cross - Since the new Star Trek I have always imagined him as this character when I read the book.

Baron: Timothy Spal - I believe he could truly capture the essence of the Baron.
Piter: Crispen Glover - if anyone can inhabit a character like Piter, it's Crispen.
Feyd: Alex Pettrfer - I think he has the right look for the part

Emperor: Miguel Ferrer - Ok, this is stunt casting but worth it to be full circle
Reverend Mother: Sigourney Weaver - Someone up thread mentioned her and I haven't been able to get it out of my head.
Irulan: Dakota Fanning - An excellent actress.
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