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Re: Dune: The TV series

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^I think they'd have to back pedal a little bit. At least that one scene where the Teg ghola gets his memories back. I don't think even HBO would go there!

Say what you will about Lynch's Dune, it was very well cast. If you've read the books, you can instantly recognise the charaters as if they'd leapt off the page. The minis were a little more hit and miss.

Anyway, how about Doug Jones as the Guild steersman? He certainly looks like someone that's spent too much time in micro-gravity.

Crazy idea, but what about Bruce Boxleitner as Emperor Shaddam? I like the idea of casting the part against type and go with someone who can play the charming statesman but also burst into bile spitting, screaming rants of pure fury. Martin Sheen would be my second choice.

Anyone seen 'Dark City'? Then you'll understand when I suggest Kiefer Sutherland[ as Piter De Vries. He's surprisingly good at being creepy. Stellan Skarsgård would also be a good choice...or Jeffrey Combs?

I really wanted to suggest David Hewlett as one of he mentats as he's excellent at the fast talking thing, but he's really too young for Thuffir and not right for Piter...

Actually I'm really struggling thinking up good possibilities for Thuffir. The bloke from the Lynch movie has totally coloured my idea of what he should look like that it's hard to think of anyone else. Hmm....Edward James Olmos?

OK, just had an insane idea, but what about Bryan Cranston as the Baron? Yes, yes, I know, not a fat guy; he can wear a damn fat suit! The point is, I think he'd be great in the role.

Skellen Skellen Skellen oh, F yes!!!!!...great call!... for Thurfir???...have you seen John Rys Davies in Thurfir make-up???...could work...

Duncan? about what's-his-nuts from Avatar???
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