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Today would have been.....

...Jimmy Doohan's 94th birthday! As has been said before his Scotty is the one 'subordinate' character whose role and importance actually grew as the series went along, and a lot of that is due to Doohan's presence, not only in playing a 'genius' engineer, but bringing his experiences in the military to give Scott credibility as a third in command.

It is sort of sad that Doohan's abilities as an actor get short shrift - he was trained at the famed Neighborhood Playhouse, and later actually served an instructor there. He hardly ever got a chance to show his skills off on TOS - we get a glimpse in TNG's Relics, though, and he did a bang up job in a recurring role on a soap - The Bold and the Beautiful I think.

So I now have to admit, that once I started getting into Trek - after hating it just because my big sister liked it- I was always drawn to Scotty. It became a very nice thing indeed that I found out we actually shared a Birthday! It actually gave me a very nice thing to bring up the only time I ever got to meet a member of the cast at a signing.
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