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Re: Lieutenant Leslie: Star Trek's very own Mementic Badass

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Seeing this thread, I really have to give props to Eddie Paskey. For decades, my wife and I used to joke about Lt Leslie, and his always being there in the background, with his wonderful facial expressions, and coming back from the dead, etc.

Then, several years ago (and I'm thinking it was around 10 years ago), I ran across his website (have no idea if he still has one). And I contacted him through the website, and asked about getting an autographed picture. I was going to give it to my wife as sort of a gag gift.

Eddie Paskey responded personally to my email, and sent not one but two personalized (to my wife) autographed photos, which he appended "Red Shirts Rule!" I kid you not.

And he sent me a couple of lengthy emails about what he was doing now (or I guess, then). Anyway, he had the best attitude about his somewhat unique place in ST history, and was just an all around nice guy. My wife loved the pictures, and we even had them framed and hung in our library.

So both my wife and I are very big Leslie fans now, and also Eddie Paskey fans, because of how cool he was about the whole thing.
What a great story.

I hope to meet him one day - on the rare occasions he is quoted, he seems like a great guy.

I recently read somewhere that during his stint at the helm in "The Naked Time" he got his big chance to say a few lines, but unfortunately he just couldn't get the words out. So to help him, the director wrote his lines on the helm console (check it out next time you watch the episode), and Nimoy came over and did a few of the lines for him.

Even all these years later Paskey was disappointed to let the team down that day, but he said that on TOS, they just helped each other out if one of them was having a bad day. Nice guy.
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