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Re: Dune: The TV series

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The material is there if you know how to utilise it. 'The Walking Dead' managed to extrapolate a whole season out of what was just a handful of issues in the comic.

For example, you could spend almost a whole episode just on that dinner scene in Arrakeen with all the local power players. Make it a character piece about how Paul is learning statecraft, all the while laying some of the groundwork for the ongoing plots.

The entire first episode of season 2 could just be Paul and Jessica trying to survive in the desert and nothing else. There could be stretches in season 2 & 3 where you hardly see Paul at all with the focus shifting to other character threads like Feyd's collusion with Thuffir to assassinate the Baron, all the while Fenring poking around trying to see what long game the Baron is playing and Gurney's work with the smugglers. Wheels within wheels and all that.
Those are fantastic ideas.
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