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Re: Dune: The TV series

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I disagree. There are enough similarities beyond historical sources and the Hero's Journey that I think Martin took quite a few elements from Dune and reworked them into epic fantasy.
Care to elaborate? I genuinely just don't see it.

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Who would be your choice to play the various key characters such as Paul, Jessica, Baron Harkonnen, Gurney or Stilgar?
Calling it right now: Sean Bean as Duke Leto Atredies.

As for the others...well it's usually best for the younger leads (in this case, Paul, Chani, Irulan & Feyd) to be unknowns.

In all seriousness, Leto really needs an established actor with some serious presence in order for his death to have resonance. Plus it's an easy character to get wrong (see: William Hurt) so you need someone with good instincts and a grasp of subtle characterization...actually Sean Bean may not be such a bad idea.

Same goes for whomever plays the Baron as neither Kenneth McMillan nor Ian McNeice's performances--though both worthy in their own right--quite portrayed the cunning intellect and penetrating insight hiding behind the outward appearances of a perverse, psychotic hedonist. Off the top of my head I can't think of anyone with those traits *and* the right physicality for the role.

Bit of a long-shot given her pay grade, but does anyone else think Angelina Jolie would make a *fantastic* Jessica? She has very much the right look, but she's also very physically adept, has a very real maternal nature and has a sharp intellect.

You'd need a veteran actress to play Gaius Helen Mohiam. Sigourney Weaver leaps to mind for a number of reasons. She's about the right age, is tall and imposing and still has her looks and has a good track record of balancing femininity with a hard edge.

For Duncan, the first name that popped in my head was Karl Urban...and now I can't even see anyone else in the role. He may be a touch too old though.

Gurney...another tricky one. You'd need someone old enough to be an old war horse, but still in good enough condition to look like they can hold their own in a fight. None of that noble warrior/honourable combat nonsense. Gurney is a dirty fighter and as common as they come. As a benchmark, Liam Cunningham as Davos Seaworth is a pretty close match on several levels. Christopher Eccleston might be a good choice.

Stilgar is similar in many respects, but he'd need a more reserved, thoughtful edge. Alexander Siddig perhaps?

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Joe Washington wrote: View Post
I like the idea of dividing the novel Dune into three seasons. I think that could work.
You'd have to massively expand on the first novel with supplementary material to fill three seasons. A straight adaptation would fit comfortably into a single 10-episode season. 10 HBO-length episodes would yield about four hours more screen time than the Director's Cut of the Sci-Fi miniseries.
The material is there if you know how to utilise it. 'The Walking Dead' managed to extrapolate a whole season out of what was just a handful of issues in the comic.

For example, you could spend almost a whole episode just on that dinner scene in Arrakeen with all the local power players. Make it a character piece about how Paul is learning statecraft, all the while laying some of the groundwork for the ongoing plots.

The entire first episode of season 2 could just be Paul and Jessica trying to survive in the desert and nothing else. There could be stretches in season 2 & 3 where you hardly see Paul at all with the focus shifting to other character threads like Feyd's collusion with Thuffir to assassinate the Baron, all the while Fenring poking around trying to see what long game the Baron is playing and Gurney's work with the smugglers. Wheels within wheels and all that.

You'd need good writers and directors of course to make it work, but to my mind an adaptation that does nothing new with the material is a waste of effort, to say nothing of redundant.

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