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Re: HD experts, help an idiot!

Outpost4 said:
^ And I watch 4:3 television window boxed. I even have a pre-set that will switch my 4:3 DVDs over to window boxing.

I wish I didn't have this attitude that TNG-R would be cropped to 16:9. I guess I'm just too cynical to think it won't happen.
So as I said in my last post, rather than crop to 16:9 why not "smartly stretch" it into 16:9?

I've had several people watch my TV and not notice the distortion issues. (It's only obvious when a character is standing on the side of the screen, then one side of their body is noticably fatter than the other or when the camera pans across something, lines and objects react as you'd expect over the transition.)

But, to me, doing that is preferable to losing information or artificialy cropping the picture.
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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