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I have a couple of questions I would liked answered.

1. Why was it necessary to put Spock in the volcano?
The fusion device couldn't be beamed or detonated remotely due to the high activity. It had to be placed directly inside the volcano. The plan was to simply use a shuttle and lower Spock into the volcano long enough to set the bomb and detonate it. The high heat and electromagnetic activity (which does result from erupting volcanoes) caused a number of issues, and plans had to change.

2. Why is Kirk the only one making decisions in STiD? Where's the Conference table?
Kirk's not the only one making decisions; Spock makes a number of decisions, as does Sulu, Chekov, McCoy, and Uhura. They just don't use a conference table.

3. Why did Khan hide his people in the Torpedoes? Isn't the nature of a torpedo that it would put them in more danger?
As Khan explains in the film, his plan was to smuggle them out from under Section 31's nose. Admiral Marcus discovered this. This is why there were fields masking the internals of the torpedoes.

4. Why don't they just beam up to the Enterprise? You've got a transporter that can go halfway across the galaxy, but not one that can send a crew to the ship?
Who is "they"? That aside, the transwarp beaming formula was confiscated shortly after it was used (this is explained in the movie), so that only the higher levels of Section 31 even know of its existence.

All of these things are explained in the film.

Honestly, the whole "I'll demote you until you're Captain again in ten minutes" gave my whiplash. The music choices in this movie drive me up the wall. Scotty and Bones's humor just grates on my nerves. Uhura has more lines, but being an ancillary character to Spock sends this feminist into fits. And if Uhura is nothing more than a pouty girlfriend, what do you think I think of Carol Marcus?

But what bothers me the most in the relationship between Kirk and Spock. There is no love there. All they have done is challenge each other. They hate one-another, yet I am supposed to believe that they are best friends that would go ape if one of them dies. Why? And the "nods" that take full lines out of other scripts because they cannot explain with their own story why Kirk and Spock would do the things they did.

God, the more I watch it the worse it gets. It doesn't tell an interesting tale; this is becoming a dystopia.
I disagree with your opinions here. This movie feels like, if anything, pure Star Trek at its best. Character clashes, swashbuckling adventure, a strong theme of morality underlying everyone's motivation, a healthy dose of nostalgia from callbacks, and fantastic visuals to keep you on your toes.

By the way, as a feminist myself, I can honestly say that Uhura's character has never been stronger, than in these movies. I am rather surprised that you do not see that.

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