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Re: ST-TMP: your first time...

I did not see it opening night. I saw it during the day months after it opened. I was a huge Star Wars fan at the time. I was about 8. TMP sucked me in in a way Star Wars didn't. Instead of space battles and lasers flying around, we were exploring something strange and unusual in deep space. While we were exploring we were testing some advanced new technology. Everything was new to all the people in the movie. I love tech and where it may be going and so I was fascinated by the Enterprise and by Vejur.

I didn't really know Star Trek at that time so I had no expectations when I saw it. It was a movie set in space that was fantastic.

I could say more but I can't think of the specific words to describe how it affected me at the time. However, I continued with the Star Wars movies and forgot TMP, except for a lingering memory of that space movie I wish I could have seen again.
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