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Re: ST-TMP: your first time...

Friday December 7, 1979. It was cold and snowing on the line of sci-fi fans that were standing outside my small town theater. A theater that was proudly displaying the posters for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
The line stretched clear around the block and down the nearby street. None of us were leaving.
I was 15 and my father had given me a stern lecture earlier that afternoon about my supposed idiocy. "You're gonna waste your time and my money standing in the cold and snow to watch that space sh*t???" he hollered. "NO!" I returned, "I'm gonna be IN the theater watching Star Trek!". I also reminded him that I would be spending money I saved from hauling hay the previous summer.

He almost grounded me for my half shouted return. (you see, my poor father was the kind of man who actually believed the moon shot was fake but "wrasslin'" was real.)

My punishment was that I had to walk to the theater from my grandmothers house and that was 2 miles away. (fortunately my friends met me at the theater and gave me a ride back to grandma's house after the movie)

Walking two miles, standing in the cold, enduring my closed minded pappy's loud and scary voice, and not having enough money for popcorn was HELL! But it was worth it!

Star Trek was back! They gave me big screen thrills seeing my heroes up on the big screen and Lord Have Mercy there was The Enterprise! In all her big screen glory and they gave me enough looking candy to fill both eyes!

I know that there are those who put the movie down and I know there are those who insult people for even liking this movie. But you know what??

None of them even come close to the chewin' I took from dear old Dad, so to them I say "Too bad! YOU don't get it!" I still remember that night clearly and it's one of my fondest memories of being in a movie theater. Right up there with Superman: The Movie, The Empire Strikes Back, Alien, Ghostbusters and (God help me) Rocky:III!

Those movies (and several others) really gave me movie moments I'll always treasure. That Enterprise Fly-By sequence could've gone on all night and I still woulda sat there and watched. It was magical to me!

Jus' Sayin'

P.S. (I didn't get to see Star Wars on the big screen because Daddy had a real problem with goin' to movie theaters and wastin' money on "space sh*t"! He was happy to spring for Coal Miner's Daughter though...great film too btw. I love Loretta Lynn!)

I did get to see SW on the big screen during the SE theater runs!

memoriessss.....pressed between the pages of myyy miiindd...
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