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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

So very awesome. I'm glad to see so much enthusiasm from everyone involved. Very very cool!

Just as an aside, I remember myself and an associate by the name of TheJimmyJames working on a fan film called Constellation almost ten years ago, and we were playing around with the events of Axanar as a backdrop. Sadly it never came together, but it's nice to see others who have a taste for that era of Trek really fleshing it out and bringing it to life. This is on a level of professionalism and ambition that is truly beyond anything else i've ever seen.

The cast for this is phenomenal and if the actual production and script matches up with Tobias' special effects work, then this could go down as the single best piece of Star Trek we will have seen for a long, long time. Bar none.

Godspeed to everyone involved.
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