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Re: ST-TMP: your first time...

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To me, Wrath of Khan works better as drama, full of grand passions and angst and excitement. Nicholas Meyer has a good sense of what makes classic stories work--revenge, betrayal, sacrfice, etc. That stuff never goes out of style.
Yes, but I still resent him layering in all sorts of unnecessary crap with it.

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^your use of the word "cerebral" reminds me of the classic explanation why "where no man.." was made after "the cage" and all that history.

Coming to think of it, STII was made folowing the same reasoning, it seems.
I don't think TMP is all that cerebral. To me "cerebral" connotates with something difficult to understand and I certainly don't think TMP is difficult to understand.
"Cerebral" doesn't mean complicated or hard to figure out. It means a story that, perhaps, appeals more to the brain than to the heart or guts.
I did say "connotates" not "means."
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