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Re: Favorite Incarnation Of The Doctor

Tom Baker for the win...

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David Tennant is my favourite "Doctor," but whichever one had this delicious piece of crumpet as his sidekick can't be all bad, either ...

For if I were he, I, too, would have to whisk her away in the Tardis and have my Doctor Whovian way with her.
As a viewer, I loved the character, because she was a nagging bitch often (Though she had a very loyal and smart/resourceful streak as well, which kept the Doctor from just wanting to drop her any old place). She was a rare passenger that happened upon traveling by mistake and for longer than Barbara and Ian, she bitched about wanting to get home, until she finally did get left, and she was sorry she got left. (And then she ended up right back on board at the end of the next Serial, LOL)

There was more than once she tried 5's patience, and he had to count to 10 to gain his compusure (And 5 was overly agreeable, according to 6). So, if you're planning on keeping her for a tasty morsel, you might consider a good pair of ear plugs
Turlough is the one I didn't take a shining to, though Mark Strickson has gotten more handsome over the years.
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