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Re: Firefly noob question(s)

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PsychoPere, thanks, that worked.

More noob questions--

I know there were two separate sets representing the interior of Serenity. Are examples of how those sets were laid out available? I'm interested in the actual stage blueprints, not the kind that treat it as if it were a real spacecraft.

Was there only one shuttle set, which they could redress for Inara's quarters? Or did they build a fancy set and plain set?

Sometimes I like to try and reconstruct stage plans in 3d modeling software.
If I remember correctly when rebuilding the sets for Serenity they used a ton of stills from the show as reference. Not sure if that means that there were no original blueprints left or if it means that they used the stills for detailing.

In other words, I'm probably not much help.
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