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Re: Review - Star Trek # 30 Parallel Lives 2of2

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I thought that the interaction between Pavel and Pavelona to be cute...
I think that should be Pavla. At least it is in Czech.

(I would have used the name "T'Spock" for Fem!Spock)
I think it would be T'Pok instead. I've always figured that when Theodore Sturgeon coined the names T'Pring and T'Pau in "Amok Time," he was assuming that Vulcan male names began with S and female names began with T. But "Spock" and "Stonn" weren't spelled with apostrophes because those letter blends occur in English, whereas "tp" doesn't (except in the middle of a compound word like "hotplate," say).

If there is one real complaint, Fem!Khan should have been called "Rani", which is the female equivalent to "Khan".
No, Rani is the female equivalent of Raja. Khan is a Central Asian title used as a Muslim surname; it's not actually an Indian name at all (nor is Noonien, which is Chinese). The female form of the title Khan is Khanum, so perhaps she would've been named Khanum Noonien Kaur (the standard Sikh female surname, as Singh is the standard male one).
Thanks for the correction.

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