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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Dive into Politics, Cloaks, and Shadows with TF6!

The year is 2379 and a new Task Force has been commissioned following the
Romulan-Watraii affair with the objective of increasing intelligence gathering in
the Beta quadrant while also assessing threats to the Federation.

In reality, President Min Zife is using the new Task Force as a PR stunt to
bolster his domestic polling numbers.

Built on Draken IV, the existing Federation outpost underwent a one year
renovation to create the HQ of TF6: Starbase Borgata. The facility has largely
been touted as a training base with the USS Alabama attached as a training
vessel, when in reality it reports to the Starfleet Intelligence Directorate.

We are taking on crew for a new concept in simming in terms of realism and career
advancement. For more information, head over to

Commanding Officer, Task Force 6 & Starbase Borgata
Starfleet Intelligence
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