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Re: Star Trek: End of the 24th Century and Beyond Version 2.0

Part 14
The Felis discovers a duplicate of Mars in an uninhabited system...

The Typhon Pact retakes the first of the breakaway Tzenkethi worlds.

Anna’s account of her journeys is published. It doesn’t mention the Commonwealth, Gary Seven or what happened to the Kalateo Empire.

The Felis returns to the Federation from its 6th exploration mission.

The Enterprise encounters explorer ships from many civilisations...

The Enterprise completes its last voyage of exploration.

At Gamma Station Three, there are many diplomatic conferences.

The 246th member joins the Federation.

The Enterprise becomes an Academy training vessel...

At Gamma Station Three, more information about the station’s past is recovered.

Voyager B discovers evidence of a Voyager duplicate more than 3000 light years away from the Federation.

A 20th civilisation in the Dyson Sphere applies to join the Federation.

The Felis discovers a cluster of industrial age Preserver worlds.

At Gamma Station Three, an exploratory ship drops out of transwarp, making first contact with the Federation…

The Enterprise is drawn into a Kobyashi Maru-like situation.

The Felis discovers a Preserver world of Maori.

The Typhon Pact retakes the second breakaway Tzenkethi world.

One of the moons of the outer-most of the planets in the Dyson Sphere is discovered to be hollow.

There is a massive uprising in the Breen Confederacy...

In the middle of its 7th exploratory mission the Felis makes contact with a race that fits the description of the threat they had been hearing rumours about. The ship then heads directly back towards the Gamma part of the Federation, to warn them.

The Enterprise comes to the rescue of another starship on the edge of Federation space.

More mysteries are found in the Dyson Sphere.

The 250th member joins the Federation. This is a Cardassian colony that had previously been a member of the Federation.

At Gamma Station Three, a new program of exploration starts.

The Felis enters a region of space where warp drives are slower, forcing them to change course so that they can get to the Federation faster.

Another data holding cavern is discovered in the Dyson Sphere.

Voyager discovers a semi-stable wormhole 3000 light years from Federation space.

There are more first contacts at GS3, and some mysterious attacks start against Federation colonies in the near vicinity.

Anna returns to the University of New England to update her degree.

The Felis returns from its 7th mission of exploration.

Voyager explores several nebulae.

The mysterious attacks continue against Federation colonies near GS3.

The Federation gains its 240th Member.

The Enterprise F is decommissioned in January. The USS Enterprise NCC 1701 G is launched in November.

The Felis begins its 8th mission of exploration.

The attacks continue against colonies near to GS3, a taskforce arrives for further investigation of those attacks.

The new Enterprise finishes its shakedown cruise and is involved in diplomatic missions close to Federation space.

At Gamma Station Three new mysteries are exposed.

The Felis discovers the framework of an abandoned Dyson Sphere construction.

The taskforce finds that the New Dominion has nothing to do with the attacks. The attacks continue.

Anna joins Starfleet Academy. The oldest human to do so.

The 12th member joins the Typhon Pact.

The Felis discovers a cluster filled with partially terraformed worlds.

A Klingon colony is destroyed by the perpetrators of the mysterious attacks near GS3, the Klingons use this as an excuse to re-start conquest, they start invading independent worlds near to GS3. They hope to conquer the world the attacks are coming from and bring them to an end. Meanwhile the attacks continue in intensity.

The Enterprise explores near the edge of the Galaxy.

The Felis discovers an abandoned ringworld construction…

A cluster of interdimensional gateway devices is discovered in the Dyson Sphere.
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