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Re: Review - Star Trek # 30 Parallel Lives 2of2

I liked it, if a bit short. Jane Kirk seemed to be bit like Kathryn Janeway in that conference room scene. I thought that the interaction between Pavel and Pavelona to be cute, and I thought that the comparisons that Spock and Fem!Spock (I would have used the name "T'Spock" for Fem!Spock) were making, vis-a-vis their respective relationships with their Uhura/o was priceless. And I thought that the two Scotty(s) we're funny. I wished that the two Sulu(s) and McCoy(s) had interacted more. I am surprised that the two Kirk(s) didn't, well, you know...

If there is one real complaint, Fem!Khan should have been called "Rani", which is the female equivalent to "Khan". And I would have thrown in a "Doctor Who" joke in for good measure. Guys, do your homework.

Anyway, good entertainment, but a little lite in the resolution. Good luck for next time.

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