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Question about uniform changes

I just watched DS9 EP11 (homefront) and EP12 (paradise lost).

I was under the impression that Starfleet uniforms changed over time. We see the uniforms change several times, in the movies I believe. When new uniforms are created we see the new ones being implemented and old ones slowly phased out.
On DS9, they wear the Color designation on the shoulders with the greyish blue turtlenecks.
But in the episodes I mentioned, when Sisko returns to Earth, they change back into TNG era uniforms.

Why do they change back to these uniforms?

Are there different uniforms for different area's of service? I thought the only difference in uniforms was color designation. I know that with so many personnel in StarFleet they can't get everyone into new uniforms right away it takes time to phase them in, but I would think StarFleet Command would have had the new uniforms by this time!
I even gave thought to maybe Ship uniforms differ from Station uniforms, but DS9 and Voyager are the same. And TNG and the ones in these episodes on Earth are the same.

So, what is the significance of wearing different styles of uniforms?

*I posted this in DS9 forums since I watched it in DS9. Sorry if this should go somewhere else.
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