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Re: Did Spock ever kill anything?

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(Although I've never believed that Spock was actually trying to convince Kirk to Gary Mitchell. Rather, he was trying to convince Kirk to strand Mitchell by pointing out that killing him was the only other option.)

SPOCK: Recommendation one. There's a planet a few light days away from here. Delta Vega. It has a lithium cracking station. We may be able to adapt some of its power packs to our engines.
KIRK: And if we can't? We'll be trapped in orbit there. We haven't enough power to blast back out.
SPOCK: It is the only possible way to get Mitchell off this ship.
KIRK: If you mean strand Mitchell there, I won't do it. That station is fully automated. There's not a soul on the whole planet. Even the ore ships call only once every twenty years.
SPOCK: Then you have one other choice. Kill Mitchell while you still can.
KIRK: Get out of here.
SPOCK: It is your only other choice, assuming you make it while you still have time.
KIRK: Will you try for one moment to feel? At least act like you've got a heart. We're talking about Gary.
SPOCK: The captain of the Valiant probably felt the same way, and he waited too long to make his decision. I think we've both guessed that.
KIRK: Set course for Delta Vega.
And then he went and got a phaser rifle from the armory. A PHASER RIFLE. That's a bit more than just pointing out that killing him was the only other option.

[Delta Vega Control room]
SCOTT [OC]: Oh, did Mister Spock get the phaser rifle we sent down?
KIRK: I didn't order any (Spock enters with rifle) Affirmative. Landing party out.
SPOCK: He tried to get through the force field again. His eyes changed back faster. He didn't become as weak.
KIRK: Doctor Dehner feels he isn't that dangerous. What makes you right and a trained psychiatrist wrong?
SPOCK: Because she feels. I don't. All I know is logic. In my opinion we'll be lucky if we can repair this ship and get away in time.
KELSO: Direct to the power bins. From here you could blow up this whole valley.
KIRK: If Mitchell gets out, at your discretion, Lee, if sitting here, you think you're the last chance, I want you to hit that button.
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