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Re: Kirk Enterprise - the Enterprise(a)?

Well I'll be motherfucked up the goat ass, it is real after all. Still, it looks really crappy, and what the hell is keeping it in place anyway. Yeah, I know had the scene been in the movie it would have looked better and they likely would have included some sort apparatus showing how it hanging or something.

And while I now admit that I was wrong I do not apologize for my skepticism since my doubts were very legitimate based on the actual facts available to me at the time the picture was first posted. And I stand by those doubts on those grounds.

Meanwhile, in the scene itself, around the 30 second mark, is it me or does Noel Clark say he has a message from "John Ericson"? John Ericson of course was Khan's name in early drafts of Space Seed, but if that is indeed what is said here, it kind of shoots down what Orci has been saying about John Harrison being developed first and then turned into Khan. Or was he first written as Harrison, changed to Ericson when to was decided to go with Khan only to become Harrison again in the final film?

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...have there not been 718 episodes, all told, of the various incarnations of Star Trek?...
According to Memory Alpha, there are 728, but that's if you include all episodes from all series, including TAS and all 12 movies.
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