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Re: Episode of the Week : Charlie X

"When I came aboard!!!!!"

Sorry, someone had to say it...

Not a favorite. The rec room scene goes on FAR too long and Uhura gets not one, but two AWFUL songs to warble. For better use of her talents, I prefer The Conscience of the King.

Otherwise, it's really just a Star Trek remake of The Twilight Zone's "It's a Good Life" or a coming of age version of WNMHGB. Good performances and some really chilling stuff (the faceless woman is right out of Rod Serling's bag of tricks). I give it a 5 for chills, but otherwise, as the second episode aired, it falls far short of what I tune into Star Trek to see.

Trivia: this is the only episode of the series proper not to use a single clip of the "series" Enterprise model. All shots of the ship are from the two pilots.
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