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Re: New Casting and Story Rumors re: EPISODE VII

That's a shame to hear about.

As per Lucas "forcing content down throats," he's done nothing of the sort. For all of George's faults and shortcomings over the years I wouldn't ascribe "forcing content" whatsoever, as the Clone Wars series had an organic audience that grew over time and wasn't forced like Alex DeLarge to watch it with their eyelids artificially pried open. People geniunely enjoyed and appreciated the show and its increasingly interesting writing and it gained a significant following among the SW fanbase and probably more than a few people outside of it who came to like the Lucas universe for the first time because of The Clone Wars being on their television screens every week.

He didn't even force DVD and BluRay changes on us. They're his movies and even if we thought the alterations he made were dumber than dirt coated with Stupid Sauce nobody was forced to buy the new discs nor accept the newest edits as their favorite versions. I've given my fair share of criticism over the years when it comes to George Lucas and his decisions with his films, but in no way was he forcing fans against a wall and blackmailing or coercing them into accepting content they didn't like.
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