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Re: Avengers 2 News, Rumors, Etc. Pictures until release...

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There's also this btw
Filming foiled by the UK floods

Although the link does say "according to The Sun"......
What a load of bollocks, it's been bone dry in Southern England, no rain what so ever and certainly no floods along the Thames in Surrey!
"Bone dry"?? Check your facts.


Furthermore, I happen to live in southern England, Hampshire to be precise; and the river here has burst its banks to the point that roads and properties are flooded, the water supplies unuseable, and I've as a result had to stay elsewhere for the last fortnight.

So kindly shut the hell up.
As do I, luckily though, I haven't been too affected by the wet weather and I assume that the news website, which is the BBC for Surrey has been updated in the two weeks since I posted what you quoted or you just didn't check the page. I was trying to make a joke (with a hint of irony) and point out that just because it was in the sun, it doesn't mean that this time, it was wrong.

I'll just assume it was far too subtle for you to comprehend and I accept your apology when it's forthcoming.
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